Our Activities 

People visit us for a variety of reasons. Some may visit us to socialise and form friendships with others, enhancing both their skill set and their ability to be part of a group. Others may visit is for the compan whilst some families may want the support whilst they get on with other things. One thing is for sure - we have something for everyone with our busy schedule of events.

As you can see from the below there is plenty for everyone and something to suit all needs. Whether it's learning about healthy eating and fitness to learning how to bake or gardening you are sure to find something for all. Every day we have activities that are designed to equip our visitors with new life skills and allow them to socialise and form new friendships with others.

You can choose as many activities or as few as you wish. You may find that one isn't suitable and want to change it to something else. This is absolutely fine. We are here to provide you with the best programme of activities. Our activities are open to visitors and our residents and those who are residents with The Links get to partake in any of the activities at no extra cost.  






Healthy eating

Arts and Crafts

Drama Therapy




DJ Academy

Pool tournament

Beauty sessions


Arts and crafts



Music therapy

Vintage tea party

Group games

Sign Language class

Dance class

 art and crafts


Day Centre Acivities time table 

As well as the above there is also the chance in the centre to enjoy other activities available such as TV lounge, puzzles table games, table football, books, construction and many more.

To find out more about our activities and to book one or more simply get in touch.

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