Music Therapy

Dominic Carlton Jones is a full member of the incorporated society of musicians which is the UK's professional body for musicians. His work is mainly centred around facilitating music groups for people with communication problems. In these groups service users are given the opportunity to enjoy all forms of music in a relaxed, non-discriminatory fashion. Dominic’s focus is to be as spontaneous as possible and fuse everyone into these groups.

Dominic runs a music therapy session every Thursday

Some of the various activities enjoyed within the groups are -

• Singing - Gaining skills to do this in front of people
• Dancing - Feeling uninhibited and being able to enjoy yourself. It is also a great way to relieve concerns and meet people forming better relationships.
• Creating music - Handing out instruments and trusting the innate creativity of people to forge a music that is personal to them. This is an enjoyable group experience.
• Music appreciation - Listening to music and expressing what you feel about it. Promoting discussion and helping in communication skills.

Other aspects of Dominic’s music practice include creating music on a 1-1 basis for individuals with communication problems, guitar tuition and basic recording.

Dominic has spent almost 6 years working in the Care profession with both the elderly and those with learning disabilities so he has good insights into the needs and demands of such groups. He always wanted to fuse his musical skills into these areas so started some work on a voluntary basis (music groups at the Creative living centre, Prestwich) Within a year Dominic found he had enough interest to start his own practice. This started by initially providing music and creative writing sessions to people with emotional distress at The Creative Living Centre and 2 or 3 guitar teaching jobs.
Dominic is now in his tenth year and is going strong.


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